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It is time for you to stop wondering what is wrong with your body or mind and feeling less than your best. I want too ffer you something new. I want to invite you to tune into your body and your mind to understand the impact of the choices you make and start experiencing the energy and fulfillment you so deserve.  Through my individualized 1:1 health coaching based on functional medicine, I partner with women like you who experience fatigue and digestive distress due to chronic stress, whether physical and or mental emotional with personalized protocols, education, and support.  When we work together, you will immediately stop questioning where to start and will begin implementing changes that are sustainable for you. Changes that will lead you to a life of better health and better self-respect that comes along with it. I see the body as a complete system and not broken up into independent systems. This is an integrated approach where we will treat your whole body, not just your symptoms. We will get you feeling better than you ever thought possible.



We will explore the root cause of your dis-ease, and put into action the solutions that are best suited for your unique body. Bi-weekly we will get into the nitty gritty and start on the deep work that will both identify and help heal the underlying causes of your dis-ease so you can see immediate impact and feel long-term relief.  


We will dive into the details of what is going on with you and what brought you to where you are now. During our complimentary discovery call and your first session, we’ll dive deep into what is going on with your body and make an immediate game plan for immediate next steps.


Between sessions you will have ongoing support and access to me, an accountability partner when you need it. Instead of exhausting the internet to get your questions answered, you will have me, as your partner. No question is too big or too small.

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Client Testimonials


"Michele, this journey has been beyond inspirational. A journey of self compassion, perseverance and enjoying the process. A journey of awareness and realizing what is important." - C.L.


"Michele has opened my eyes to the importance of nutrition and
exercise in my life. I now have more energy and a more intricate
understanding of what looks like for my body." - Sara


"After a recent cardiac scare, Michele evaluated my lifestyle and
together, we developed a plan I could implement to achieve my
health goals, including weight loss." - Kevin

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