February 8, 2021


What is "success"?

According to Webster’s Dictionary, to succeed is to achieve the desired aim or result. When we achieve success, we have achieved the desired outcome.

How do you celebrate success? Do you go on vacation after getting a promotion at work? Do you throw a big party for your child’s graduation from high school or college? Do you buy the new car or home that you have been saving for, for half of your existence?

The magic question, the one I ask my client’s during their work with me, “How do you celebrate success on a daily basis.” What happens? They sit back, cross their arms over their chest and go “huh” I do not.

Why does success have to be so grandiose? That is because we have been conditioned only to celebrate the major milestones in our lives and the lives of others. We wait to experience those feeling just a few times in our lives. What if you decided to celebrate the small successes daily? How would that feel?

The magic word here, is feel. Let us look at what it takes to adapt a healthy lifestyle. Instead of waiting for the 30lb weight loss to celebrate, acknowledge, daily, even the tiniest of positive change and celebrate that change. In the book, The Tiny Habits, by B.J. Fogg, the feeling of success is a powerful catalyst for change. When you celebrate your small, tiny habits, your confidence grows. It helps you to connect to a positive feeling because you are getting better at being kind to yourself instead of berating yourself. You begin to seek out opportunities to celebrate. To feel good.

If you do not know how to celebrate your small successes, try the following:

1.     Think of a song that makes you feel happy and sing or hum it.

2.     Physical movement that makes you feel successful, e.g., Superwoman or Superman pose, Rocky Balbo arms raised above your head, fist bump.

3.     Verbal statement, such as a "Whoop Whoop" or Awesome! Wisper it or yell it at the top of your lungs.

4.     Bring a child into your celebration. Children are so good at expressing excitement.

I am giving you a high five right now. Do you feel it?

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