Reclaim Your Health - 3 Month Program

Are you stuck? Are you tired of feeling tired? Have you tried to lose weight and find you get to a certain point and then plateau? Are you THRIVING in life or feel like you are just surviving?

This program is for those who are ready to commit to themselves... to permanently change habits... to stop the sabotage... and finally feel vibrant and alive. With long-term accountability and support, new habits take root and naturally become integrated into a new way of living.

In this 3 Month Reclaim Your Health Coaching Program, we will...
Discover your "why" and the root causes behind diet and lifestyle derailment, ie; when you know eating healthy and exercising is what is needed but just can't get started. We will uncover the layers together and go deeper to address the underlying reasons for poor eating habits, lack of movement, stress and sleep habits. Together we will develop strategies and techniques that will help you release stress, mindfully develop a healthy relationship with food, find movement that does not feel like a chore, and increase your acceptance of self-care.

Program Includes:

1. Health History and Symptom History intake to assess and pinpoint your general concerns
2. Six, 50 minute sessions -twice/month(virtually)
3. Follow up email after each session customized to you and your specific lifestyle and goals
4. Unlimited email and text support between sessions
5. Recommended resources and handouts to maximize your learning and educate you throughout your journey
6. My personal commitment to your health and success

Mindset, habits and routine are the building blocks for success towards your wellness goals