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Food; sometimes the root cause of good health. Sometimes the root cause of disease. Often food is the root cause of both dynamics. A person’s relationship with food is a key component of their bio-individuality. Understanding what the role of food is in your life, how your current environment can influence the body’s ability to utilize the nutrients. What supports does your body and mind need to work synergistically together to enhance your unique needs? These are steppingstones of a healthy vibrant life I help my clients to uncover and understand.

pillar 2

After 22 years as a fitness professional, I can appreciate the countless clients who came to me confused about what form of exercise they needed. The struggle to stay committed for the long haul. Do you know why? They were not listening to their body and connecting to the movement that they enjoyed! A question I often ask my clients is “what did you enjoy doing as a child?” It takes a moment, but then I see their eyes light up and a huge grin shines across their face. That is when I know they figured it out. That is when I know they will commit to the lifestyle they have been longing for.

pillar 3

Today’s world is all about the constant doing. The endless busyness that keeps you in a tornado of chaos. It is a badge of honor. But at what cost? Clients who come to me are most often at this point in their lives. The stress and lack of quality sleep, two of the biggest causes to the downward spiral of poor health. Change does not happen overnight. With mindfulness and understanding of being fully present in the moment, the shift begins to happen. Your health begins to improve, symptoms begin to fad, energy returns, and a healthy lifestyle is now the foundation to a vibrant life.


Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Student at The School of Applied Functional Medicine.
National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach.  Worksite Wellness Specialist. 


Expertise areas range from increasing energy and stamina, healing from stomach and other GI distress, blood sugar management, sustainable weight loss, mindfulness, and stress reduction, and how to turn healthy intensions into life-long habits.


Experience with conducting and teaching workshops for businesses, residential communities, and fitness professionals.

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client love

Because Michele helped me plan my new lifestyle around my real
life, I have been able to maintain my new way of living.


Michele has opened my eyes to the importance of nutrition and
exercise in my life. I now have more energy and a more intricate
understanding of what looks like for my body.


After a recent cardiac scare, Michele evaluated my lifestyle and
together, we developed a plan I could implement to achieve my
health goals, including weight loss.


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